It has been quite the year for storms in the past 12 months. Many trees have fallen, and some which were very large. Everyone seems to have a story, power out for 4 days, trees across cars, flying limbs, and electrical wires down every where. It’s times like these island life shows it’s true colors, within hours chainsaws were firing off, and neighbors were helping each other out.

The chainsaw shelves were bare at the local saw shops, however the safety shelf was untouched. Nearly every homeowner/rancher grade saw was sold out. While there was only one vacant space where the chainsaw chaps hang. Fallen trees present many hazards and unpredictable situations can occur. Trees can be loaded guns of pressures, and entire logs can move or shift like a coiled spring being released. Uprooted stumps will tip back into the earth, putting tons of weight in motion as logs swing vertically back into the air.

Chainsaws are the most dangerous power tools ever made, and have relatively few safety features. For every saw sold there should be a full assortment of safety gear purchased. This includes operator instructions, chaps which will bind the chain if contact is made, impact resistant glasses, and hearing protection.

Some situations these storms create, can be easily managed by the average person. However many even present the pros with unique challenges. It is all too often when a seemingly simple task can take a turn for the worst when a situation arises where one is not prepared. Knowing how to identify, create, and execute a safe efficient working plan are the major differences from amateurs to pros. In addition to home owners, and helpful neighbors there are many business which see the opportunity of a fast buck offering storm clean up services. Frequently these are companies which primary mow lawns, “handy man” services, and landscape companies. Many of which are working outside of the legal bounds of licencing, insurance, and other requirements. I could go on and on about this last topic, but the important thing to remember is just because someone could do this, doesn’t mean they should.